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Why Keep Your Toddler Seated in A Rear Facing Seat

It is advisable to allow your toddler to sit in a rear facing seats until they reach a certain height and weight. Most parents make the mistake of turning the seat as soon as the child turns one.  However according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children as old as three can be made to sit in a rear facing seat.

The main reason for this is that a rear facing seat can help prevent accidental death in children.  It is better that children face backwards until they outgrow their seat. This mean almost all children can easily sit in the rear facing seat until they are at least two or three years old.

Rear Facing Seats

Why a rear facing seats are a better option

Children younger than five years of age are at an added risk of spine and neck injuries. This is because they are still in a stage of continuous growth. Children’s heads are larger in proportion to their bodies as well, this is why their necks are a bit wobbly as well. A rear facing seat allows for maximum support for the neck and back muscles of your child. In case there is a sudden jerking movement, you can rest assured that their necks stay protected from impact.

Most parents complain that keeping their children in rear facing seats gets difficult if their legs are too long. The children might have to cross their legs and could be uncomfortable. However the opinion of the experts differ. They believe that rear facing seats can actually help prevent risks of accidents and in fact offer better protection for the child’s legs as well.

If a child is sitting in a forward facing position there are more chances of their arms and legs flailing about and getting injured. This can be prevented if the child is sitting in a rear facing position.

These day’s rear facing seats are designed to provide maximum comfort to children. Some seats accommodate children up to fifty pounds in weight. This is exactly why experts recommend keeping your child in this safe position as long as it is possible.

Things to keep in mind when buying rear facing seat for your children

When buying a rear facing seat for your van make sure you keep the following things in mind

  • The car seat should be easier to use. Avoid buying high tech complicated seats which might ake it difficult for you to strap your child in.
  • It should come with a five point harness. This is extremely important for your child’s safety and is a feature of all newly designed children car seats.
  • Easy to make adjustments. As your child grows older, the set should be easily adjustable to accommodate their growing bodies.
  • The rear facing seat should be extremely comfortable. It should be well padded to provide maximum support for your child’s head and neck.
  • Easy clean options. The car seat should have removable covers so you can wash these every now and then for better hygiene.

For more information on rear facing seats make sure you look at all possible suppliers.